My Tiny Wedding: The Invitation

I’ve decide to turn my wedding-related entries into a series called My Tiny Wedding. Hopefully it would help other people who also want a small, intimate affair rather than a traditionally grand event. I’ve so far written about why I don’t want a big wedding and the marriage license application process here in the Philippines.

As you may know, I’ve been designing wedding invitations for a few years now, and I have always wondered how my own would look like. Apparently, not at all like everything else I’ve designed.

Pretty much everything I’ve designed so far, with the exception of an illustrated single page A3 size invitation, has floral and calligraphic elements, but mine has neither.


This design was inspired by my love of books and minimalism, hence the layout, typography, and spare details. I love the contrast between the bold serif capitals and the delicate lowercase italics. I considered combining a sans typeface with a serif, but I wanted a drawing of a small plant or flower to symbolize growth, so I scanned this graphite sketch of a bay leaf plant from one of my sketchbooks and incorporated it in the layout.

The quote on the smaller card is a line from Thrice’s Anthology, which Aki and I have decided a while back was going to be our song. He made me listen to Anthology shortly after we first started talking and I told him I thought it would make for a great wedding song. Apparently, Dustin, the vocalist, wrote it for his wife. I actually wanted Our love is a loyalty sworn engraved on our wedding rings, but we eventually decided on just Anthology because it’s a lot shorter.


This mock-up includes the second card, which contains details of the wedding ceremony and reception.

Our wedding is going to be teeny-tiny, with a guest list of about twenty five persons, so I didn’t bother thinking of a theme or a motif. However, my preference for rustic details is gradually manifesting. We have also finally found the perfect venue for our small banquet, but I will be writing about that in a separate post.

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